How to Measure The Success of Your Mobile App

Nov 17, 2017 4:18:03 PM / by Sterling posted in user acquisition, user retention, web development, app development, app success, Latest Post, LTV, mobile app, mobile metrics


Data is the backbone of maintaining a successful mobile app and keeping your users happy. However, knowing what data to look at and how it should be interpreted can be difficult, as every marketing channel has a different set of metrics. Understanding how to analyze the metrics that matter for a mobile app, and what to do with the information can make or break the success of your app, so here is an overview of the top 6 most important metrics to measure, and what they mean.

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Top 4 Reasons Mobile Apps Fail - And How To Prevent Them

Sep 13, 2017 1:48:34 PM / by Sterling posted in web development, app development, app failure, Blog, Latest Post, LaunchPartner, mobile app


It's no secret that mobile is the way of the future. If you don't have an app, or at least a mobile-first website, you are already well behind your competitors. In the past two years alone the number of apps in the app store has nearly doubled, but with the number of apps growing every day, a vast majority of mobile apps just do not get enough share of this market to sustain and survive as a business.

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Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?

Aug 25, 2017 1:09:20 PM / by Sterling posted in app development, app for business, Blog, Latest Post, LaunchPartner, mobile app


I’m sure you’ve heard it; the spiel from business owners and developers about how creating an app will grow your business off the charts. But if you haven’t built an app already, you may be wondering: does my business really need an app? And why?

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